Traditional Guam Marriage Customs

The Chamorro people of Guam have one history of matrilineal relationship with vietnamese woman societies and marital life traditions. Many of these procedures have evolved and are at this point different from all those found in united states, but they still remain vital that you the Chamorro culture.

Weddings during the past typically involved three distinctive stages. The first was called the mamaisen saina, which engaged a visiting with the family elders from the couple being married.

In this meeting, the few would verify their intent to marry and make plans to get a pre-wedding service (fandanggo). The groom’s fandanggo was more traditional than the bride’s and included family and friends of the groom.

After the fandanggo, a komplimentu (appreciation journey) was held to the bride’s residence where the groom’s relatives might present items and dowry to the star of the wedding. This was completed show appreciation and honor the new bride also to motivate her for finding your way through the marriage service the very next day.

The komplimentu was a very special event and usually consisted of music and performances. It was also a method to strengthen the family’s position in the clan and community.

Today, most Guam partnerships do not adhere to these older traditions. Rather, many couples decide to live at the same time before their wedding ceremonies, delay the ceremony until they’re prepared to be wedded, and in some cases basically get married to without any faith based affiliation. Frequently , these the entire family include themselves in the process employing an officiant who echos the couple’s figures.

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