At 60Hz these stripes aren’t visible, but the shade shows a patchwork of static dithering where the screen alternates between a lighter and darker version of the intended shade within the same row of pixels. To the eye this was again faint but could be observed in place of the static interlace patterns that were seen at higher refresh rates. At 120Hz things appeared as a sort of blend of the two patterns and to the eye really just appeared as very faint horizontal lines. On some monitors, particularly but not exclusively those with high refresh rates, interlace patterns can be seen during certain transitions. We refer to these as ‘interlace pattern artifacts’ but some users refer to them as ‘inversion artifacts’ and others as ‘scan lines’.

  • Be very careful; manufacturers instructions advise to use a usb3.0 or “lower” stick.
  • BUT starting from 980 PRO – there is no MLC anymore – this time it has TLC, and the same with 990 pro – also TLC.
  • So if you buy make sure you update the firmware as it comes with a slightly older version.

We have a direct link to download Samsung BD-D5500 drivers, firmware and other resources directly from the Samsung site. Manufacturer specific firmware might be corrupted or out of date. Firmware is stored internally in your Blu-ray ROM and serves as an instructions communicator with the computer. Try updating your Blu-ray firmware by visiting its manufacturer’s website and follow their instructions. Firmware updates will normally be located on the Support or Download section. Certain players come with specialized interfaces to help make updating the firmware simpler.

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So really, this is a competent performance which is particularly impressive given the panel type used. It was also free the ‘flickering effect’ some VA models have with mixtures of lighter and darker shades where the brighter shade dims during movement and brightens when movement ceases. On various Battlefield titles, at a frame rate keeping up with the 165Hz refresh rate, the monitor delivered a fluid experience.

We aren’t sure whether it’s an issue with the display firmware, GPU drivers, or Windows. We’ve been able to replicate it using an Nvidia test system with the latest firmware, but not to the same extent on AMD test systems, which is odd. Unfortunately we can’t test every configuration of input hardware in our reviews so we missed this flaw, although still found other flaws with HDR performance that we talked about in the review. Obviously if HDR gaming doesn’t work properly on some GPUs there’s no point spending $2500 on this monitor. It also features high peak brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide color gamut.

Some of the features require that the monitor is connected by USB to the controlling PC, like updating the monitor firmware, but many require a DisplayPort cable connection. But one curiosity of the Samsung Odyssey G7 is that it is possible with the provided stand to use this panel in portrait mode. It looks a little odd, mostly because the screen only bends in the single plane, but it can offer this mode if you use it. On paper, this looks like the dream display for many gamers.

The BD-ROM specifications were finalized in early 2006. You would see that the DRM has works and does work with correct firmware. And you would make the correct assumption that the fault lies in the new firmware upgrade. The bluray spec has things in it to quarry the player to find out if it is running the newest firmware, or DRM spec X.Y or something to that effect.


You might be thinking, surely with such fast response times, having a functional backlight strobing mode is an absolute no brainer, this should be the perfect display for reducing motion blur in that way! Unfortunately, we’re let down here by Samsung’s implementation, which doesn’t perfectly time the strobe with the refresh, and there’s no way to tweak said timing. The stand is moderately sturdy and has a good range of motion, including height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustment. The level of height adjustment is quite decent for a large 32-inch panel, and you can use this monitor in a portrait orientation, too, if you want to use a curved monitor like that. For the best display performance and to resolve any known issues, it is best to keep your monitor updated with the latest firmware version. With the USB cable and firmware update tool, you can easily update your monitor firmware any time.

My kd has gone up, sniping in warzone is easy, and my overall wins have increased. If you are on an old tv with an xbox or on an old monitor— you deserve this… Got mine repaired already, and i appreciate the service, if only samsung products can hold its own, like it would withstand age.

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